Care, Guidance and Support

We will use our exceptional existing pastoral model to provide the foundation for personalised packages of care and support for all sixth form students, with an absolute focus on knowing and supporting our young people as individuals.

All students are well-known

The student-centred approach to pastoral care at Chesterton will continue at the sixth form. Tutors and teachers know their students extremely well, and we prioritise allowing staff to dedicate significant time to building relationships founded on trust and support.

Daily tutor time

A dedicated sixth form tutor team allows small tutor groups the opportunity to meet with their tutor every single day. The sessions will be used as opportunities to check in with individuals; assist with concerns or worries; help with organisational elements of courses; provide time to chat with peers and a trusted adult.

Experienced staff teams

Chesterton’s exceptional pastoral and safeguarding framework means we already hold the systems, expertise and dedicated staff team to provide the foundation for the full range of pastoral support necessary to look after every young person in our sixth form.

Wellbeing as a priority

Looking after student wellbeing is our number one priority: our robust programme of internal and external wellbeing support, including a 25+ strong team of staff wellbeing mentors; access to counselling; a school-wide focus on mindfulness and self-care; access to dedicated NHS teams and services, and comprehensive signposting for additional support means we are already set up to continue with this at post-16.

Expert mental health support

We have a plethora of existing links with external mental health support services, in addition to well-trained and experienced staff in-house. We know that small changes in behaviour are often the first noticeable signs of an emerging issue: all staff at Chesterton are trained in recognising and immediately addressing signs of deteriorating mental health in young people, in order to put the most appropriate support in place straight away.

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